"These candles smell amazing- Banana Bread and lemon are my personal favorites- but they're all wonderful! They burn clean, long, and without the overly "heavy" scent other candles leave! Theresa is terrific and cares about giving to others, and I love that I can support local small business. But I'll understand when her business is no longer small or just selling locally!"  -Teresa Allen-Martin Photography

"I absolutely love these candles! They are all to die for and the owner is amazing!" - Jaydee Land, Mountain View Brew

"Super fragrant, love the scents, super creative on her mixes. you can see the passion for her candles in her space and her events!!" -  Kristal busby

"Hands down the best candles I've ever bought! Tons of choices! Love, love, love!" - Kerrie Gonzalez, Tito's Landscaping

" I can't say enough good things about Farmgirl candles.They smell wonderful! We love supporting local!! - Kimmy Sparks, Sparks K9

" I purchased some coffee candles at my first sip and pour.I brought them home and my husband who doesn't seem to care about candles, stopped deaden his tracks and said"man what a great smelling candle." we are fans for life on your nummy candles. Thank you again for all your hard work on making our homes smell so delicious." - Leiann Bishop

" I bought 3 Fall scented candles and they are all amazing. autumn day, hayride, and white Pumpkin. They are super cute in their jars and they smell heavenly.They burn for a long timed are made locally which makes them even better." - Patty Campbell-Chenowith

"These candles are amazing! the owner is a gem and I am so happy to see her love what she is doing." - Leanne Dally Farmer

"Farmgirl candles smell amazing. they are not overpowering like some candles can be. great variety of scents to choose from. I love the fact that there are jars and melts. Looking forward to Christmas scents. Also they are a great price." - Danielle Warner

"The candles and melts smell for days. She's very personable, you always get a smile and friendly conversation when you pick up your candles.The prices are very fair and reasonable. Her scents are all to die for." - Lynnzey Ward

" Great quality, beautiful packaging and delicious scents!" - Caitlin Eaton

"Doesn't get any better than local! All the smells are amazing!and Theresa really shows how truly passionate she is about her creations." - Kelli Kahui

"We have enjoyed every candle melt we have purchased. They smell amazing. The owner is responsive and friendly in every encounter  we have had. We will continue to get all our candle melts through Farmgirl Candle Company. I encourage you to use Farmgirl candles for your candle needs as well." - Sara Nadon

"Awesome melts and candles highly recommend." - Kelly Venglar-Sharp

" It feels like you're part of the family when you stop at this local farm. All of the candles are made on site, and are featured on this amazing candle wall. It's a farm turned into a beautiful rustic shop. Seasonal scents, photo props, decor, coffee, and other local vendors. We just keep coming back." - Crystal Reilly

" Love! Had an amazing candle-making class.so fun, so informational, more than worth the cost of the class and, almost more importantly, Theresa is an amazing human that truly loves what she does and loves providing an experience for people. I happily paid for the class and drove to her and I highly recommend." - Lyndsey Buchanan

theresa and gal pals
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