The Containers

All Farmgirl candles are hand poured, by me, into these containers. You can get any scent on the website in any of these containers at any time. Simply choose the candle scent and you will see all of the options available there. Note that ounces and burn times are approximate.

blank containers
labeled containers

The Mighty Pint- a full size pint mason jar with a bronze lid. ~16 ounces. ~ 80 hours burn time. $28

The Tumbler- a dark gray ceramic container with a bamboo lid. ~12 ounces.  ~ 60 hours burn time. $34

The Amber Jar- a rustic glass jar with a black metal lid. ~9 ounces. ~ 45 hours burn time. $24

The Mason Jar- A classic canning jar with a bronze metal lid. ~8 ounces. ~ 40 hours burn time. $18

The Farmhouse Square- A squat little glass jar with a silver metal lid. ~4 ounces. ~ 20 hours burn time. $14

The Traveler- A lightweight metal tine with matching lid. ~3 ounces. ~15 hours burn time. $12

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