About Farmgirl Candle Company

I named myself and my company Farmgirl because I love all things related to the farm.

Part of that is based in my reality(in real life)...

I've lived on just two properties in my whole life; both hobby farms set in the country, and both within four miles of one another. it's true what Dorothy said " There's no place like home". I've sown vegetable and flower gardens; maintained fruit tree orchards, cultivated berry patches, tended mason bees, and raised farm animals of many types. I am my best self here.

Part of it reflects my values and beliefs...

I believe in drying clothes on-the-line, preserving my own jam, donating pumpkins from my patch, and providing a perfect home to help save the bee pollinators.

Part of it is simply what I'm attracted to...

I love community, down home spirit, and cool rustic stuff that invokes that farm vibe that a lot of us possess.Here you will find candles  that reflect my love for all things garden/viintage/rusty/junky/antique and country.

Part of that is living an ideal...

I want to cultivate a connection to nature, down home spirit, and community. There's value in traditions,being wholesome, and spreading kindness.

Part of it is creating an authentic farm product and process...

Off the farm, my career involves being a lab analyst. I am responsible for state mandated testing to ensure that waste water falls within acceptable and legal parameters. It is also no coincidence that I discovered that candle making appeals to my analytic, yet creative brain.... and my desire to make the world a little bit lighter and smell a little bit nicer!

I am so pleased that you are here! Welcome to my candle studio, and thank you for supporting my small business. It means the world to me. You can become part of my beloved community on social media too, on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Pinterest. I like to show my process, new scents, inspirations, and of course Ruger, my co-worker extraordinaire! Thank you for joining me on my journey!

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