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You are shopping for candles. You know how a single candle can change a whole environment. It can visually light up a dark corner. Its heat can literally and figuratively warm up a cold or sterile place. Its smell can evoke memories from the past. A single candle can create a mood, just as a whole roomful can make a statement.Candles can signal celebrations, romance, selfceare, and so much more.

You know there are lots of candle companies in the market. But, I'm guessing you landed here because you identify with the farm aesthetic. You like to keep things authentic and uncomplicated. You don't need a fancy container, a label with a "message", or a scent so complex you can't identify it. I keep it simple and traditional; just like our ancestors did when they relied on candles for things we now may take for granted. Have a look at the About Me tab and read how I developed my brand from my own identity.

You want a quality product. I select all ingredients from quality suppliers; pour every candle by hand; package and ship in environmentally responsible means. When your candles arrive, you can be sure that they are the product of a very carefully curated and lovingly made process. Take a look at the Qualities tab to see exactly what Farmgirl products are made of; a little tutorial on how to judge the qualities of candles; and tips on how to maintain and make the most of your experience burning them.


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