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Welcome to the Pacific Northwest, and to Farmgirl Candle Company!

Here, you will find a few different things- candles to be sure, but also community, down home spirit, and cool rustic stuff that invokes that farm vibe that a lot of us possess. Here you will find candles that reflect my love for all things garden/vintage/rusty/junky/antique and country, and hopefully a place that will put a smile on your face for having stopped by. A place that you will find that perfect scent for that perfect someone, every time you visit. Candles that you will fall in love with season after season. Candles that are made entirely with eco friendly and renewable materials from the USA, that are safer for your home, and for your loved ones. Candles that burn far longer than the old standards, and that are priced so that they can be enjoyed now, not saved for "someday".

I look forward to sharing with you, season by season, my candle studio, office, and working areas, and all that I have done here without it being a “true” farm in the old sense, and what I will add in the future, that ultimately inspires my candle making every day. A dream of mine that has come to life, and now I can share it with others. I’m so glad you have stopped by!


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