The Scents

Farmgirl scents are organized into six similarly-fragranced categories. You'll also find a group of seasonal fragrances matched and available in the current season. And, the website will offer a group of featured scents that are currently popular in the industry, or recommended by customers.

Cellar and Pantry

Rose' All Day- a lighthearted scent perfect for summer dinners on the picnic table: sparkling wine, zesty lemon, and pink raspberry.

Pomegranate- a juicy pick-me-up treat after chores: fruity and sweet.

Champagne- perfect for any celebration: just like the name- light, bubbly, and slightly fruity.


Garden and Grove

Blackberry Magnolia- like when the summer breeze is heavy with ripe fruit and mature blossoms: dark berries and light florals. A best seller year-round.

Mango and Coconut- feels like vacation:crops from the tropics wherever you live.

Lilac- an intoxicating whiff, like a spring walk through the backyard; a clean floral, just like it's named.

Lemon Zest- like a refreshing glass of homemade lemonade; a classic Farmgirl favorite.


Gramma's Kitchen

Cupcake- a classic farmhouse kitchen smell; sugar, vanilla, and a little butter toffee.

Cinnamon Chai- a comforting blend; I love sipping tea on the porch: a spicy blend of cardamom, clove, and orange.

Espresso- an invigorating scent to enjoy even before chores: a bold blend of coffee beans and vanilla cream.

Toasted Coconut Mocha- a rich chocolatey treat; just like the name implies!


Berry Patch

Raspberry Sangria- classic summer refreshment: an infusion of strawberries, blood oranges, and peaches.

Blackberry Tea- a neutral but yummy scent perfect for gift-giving: everyone loves this clean old fashioned scent.

Spiced Cranberry- I love this after a cozy sleigh ride in the snow: tart berries and warm spices.


Harvest Time

Autumn Day- like a hayride through the fall colors: oak, amber, cider, and bark.

Flannel- like wearing your favorite barn jacket- a cozy blend of warm mahogany, amber, and musk. A little orange and spice round out this farmgirl favorite.

Farmhouse Cider- a true "taste" of autumn: crisp and spicy.

Hayride- there's nothing like a ride in an old wagon through fresh cut fields; this scent oozes the best scents of the barn in a buttery brown sugar base.


Farm Fresh

Peppermint Stick- like opening up all the windows: a vibrant and chilly blend of mint and eucalyptus.

Frasier Fir- the forest and the mountains in a jar: a classic evergreen made of cypress, cedar, and moss.

Cashmere Plum- like being wrapped in a warm blanket: deep dark fruits steeped in sugar and vanilla. Everyone loves this one: give it a try!

Clothesline- the fresh scent of laundry drying on the line. 




Summer (Volcano Type)-like lazy warm days in the hammock: tropical fruits, citrus. an industry best-seller!

Strawberry Guava- A sweet traipse through 



Macintosh Apple- just like a day picking your own from the orchard: crisp and tart.

Toasted Pumpkin- the patch, the jack-o-lantern, and the pie: a staple in my garden and consistently the most popular scent in the candle industry.

Watermelon Lemonade- like summer in a glass: this scent oozes the juicy, sticky, fruity, fresh smells of hot days in the sun.

Fallen Leaves- the smell of jumping in leaf piles as a kid: a subtle evergreen combination of cedar and pine.

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