Qualities of a Farmgirl Candle

Candle making may seem like a pretty simple process. Burning candles doesn't require an advanced degree. But, I am committed to your understanding the properties and qualities of your product so that you can have the best customer experience and make the most of your purchase.

Wax- I only use soy wax because it is non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free. It's a byproduct of soybean farming so it's a renewable ingredient and supports  our country's farmers. It burns longer and slower and emits far less pollutants. That means it's safe for your home, your family, and your pets.

Fragrance Oils- all scents are sourced from manufacturers for use specifically in candle making, all with the safety of the environment in mind. All of the scents that I use fall outside of the Proposition 65 warning (https://oehha.ca.gov/proposition-65/about-proposition-65) and are paraben and phlalate free. That means burning these candles does not contaminate the air with health risks.

Wicks- I use a braided cotton, lead-free, zinc-free wick; the type specifically  made for the wax I use. The wick and wax are a perfect pairing for optimal burning time and safe flame length. That means your candle will maintain a balance between burning time and scent throw.

Burn Time- all of the materials/properties above interact to effect how long your candle will burn. What you might not know is that you can optimize burn time with some simple candle care (see maintenance below).

Scent Throw- a common term that encompasses a couple of different goals. See below.

Strength- I proportion my scent strength based on the preference  of not creating an overbearing fragrance penetration. The perfect candle scent strength can be measured by walking into the candle space and being pleasantly surprised, not cloyingly overwhelmed. That means that if you are sensitive to strong odors, you won't be likely to suffer headaches burning these candles.

Cold vs Hot Throw- I choose a scent load that allows the candle to emit a light scent even when it is not lit and a stronger scent when burning. That allows you to get a benefit either way!

Melt Pool- my candles are designed to create an even melt pool around the wick. That means no irregular wax build up, low burned wick carbon debris, and less chance of wax tunneling. 

Maintenance- Candles have dynamic properties that can change over time and temperature. A few simple steps (e.g.wick trimming, optimal burn time) can significantly increase your candle- burning experience. Each order of Farmgirl Candles is accompanied by a Candle Care Card to help you maximize your purchase. 

Recycling- All of my containers are suitable for recycling or repurposing, and in the true spirit of farm living; I strongly encourage it! Once you've burned the candle to about a half inch from the bottom of the container, simply use a butter knife to lift out any remaining wax and the wick stub. Any remaining residue can be cleaned out with hot water and a grease-lifting dish soap. If you have a wax melter, you can put the remaining wax in it a bit at a time, just  like a regular wax cube.

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